Men’s Midi Long Leather Satchel
February 2, 2018
Men’s Small Leather Satchel with Front Pocket
February 2, 2018
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Men’s Midi Long Leather Satchel with Front Pocket

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Sometimes you just don’t want a huge bag with you. For this reason we have developed the Midi leather satchel. It’s the perfect size to fit an iPad (we have added a tough, double-stitched, canvas tablet sleeve inside) as well as the other things you need with you whilst on the move without being cumbersome. Its vintage-inspired design means that it is very usable whilst still keeping all the timeless character of the originals.

We hand-make the Midi leather satchel in distressed leather, which is perfectly suited to these very special bags. This leather’s natural character will really come to life as soon as it is used and the satchel will become even better to look at!

The Midi leather satchel has 2 zip pockets inside and the leather shoulder strap is long and adjustable and the front pocket is just the right size for travel cards. So it is perfect to have alongside you everyday – wherever you decide to take it.

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